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Eclipse Rear Wireless Systems

Customers say, we can`t run wires to the back of the room. We have a concrete slab or tiled floor. Most people have power at the back of the room and that is all you need to power each speaker.

ES80 Wireless 5.1 Speaker System. A$1799

The Eclipse Series ES80 wireless system is a new era of home entertainment. No wires to the back of the room. Just plug each rear speaker into the power and you running. We use 2.4 GH wireless transmission with a automatic detector that finds a interference free channel. The transmitter will give you distortion free sound to the back of the room up to 15m away. On our transmitter, receiver and subwoofer we have adopted 1 watt power standby. When you turn your system off at night you can leave the transmitter, wireless rear speakers and subwoofer on. They will go into standby and only use 1 watt of power. With power so expensive now this will reduce your electricity. Every passive speaker is rated at 120 watts RMS.

Front Speakers
The ES80 front speakers are made from non-resonant medium density fibreboard. The curved sides break up the internal standing wave resonance for pure life like sound. The speakers feature 2 x 75mm paper cone drivers that are weighted down with a special film and 1 x 25mm soft dome tweeter. The crisp clean vocals are unbelievable.

Transmitter/ Centre Speaker
By plugging in the surround speaker wires from your receiver to the centre / transmitter, the transmitter then sends the signal across the room to the rear speakers. This system runs on 2.4GH and has 8 stereo channels. The transmitter will automatically change channels if it senses interference. Interference can come from cordless house phones, wireless internet or microwave ovens. This centre / transmitter has 1 watt standby.
The centre speaker has the same components as the fronts and rears but it is in a compact box to sit below your TV. This is the best position so you can have the sound coming straight from the screen as most dialogue is sent from the centre speaker.

Rear Wireless Speakers
The rear wireless speakers are the same as the fronts but each has a built in 100 watt amplifier and wireless receiver. This produces the sound that is received from the transmitter. Each rear wireless speaker plugs into the power. If you don`t want to run wireless each rear speaker has terminals to use as normal wired rear speakers. These rear wireless speakers have 1 watt standby.

Powered Subwoofer
The 250 watt ES80 powered subwoofer is the heart of the system. The sub produces all bass and lets all the speakers produce clean clear vocals and highs. This subwoofer has Bass Extension which enables you to add 0 ~ 12dB of gain to the frequency you have the sub set on. It also has a manual or automatic standby so you can choose the sub to be on all the time or switch off when you turn you system off. It also has a subwoofer output to connect a second subwoofer for extra bass. The ES80 subwoofer has 1 watt standby.

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