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The Accusound High Definition Series 2 5.1 Speaker System RRP $2495

Front Speakers.
The Accusound HD Series 2 front speakers are fitted with 4 x 130mm bass drivers using new cone material and new rubber surrounds.The horn loaded soft dome tweeter is mounted at the top of the 4 woofers in time alignment and the speakers can be set up for bi wiring and bi amp. The speaker box is fitted with internal bracing to stop vibration. The fronts are finished in Piano black. The speakers come with screw in spikes for carpet floors or rubber feet for tile or wooden floors.

Centre Speaker.

The Accusound HD Series 2 centre has 2 x 130mm woofers and the same length horn loaded tweeter to match the woofers for time alignment. This centre has superb midrange and highs. You can hear every word with ease. The centre again is piano black and the centre has twin gold plated terminals. The centre is fitted with 2 Accusound slim fit wall brackets for mounting on the wall either under a TV or Screen.

Bookshelf/ Surround Speakers

The Accusound HD Series 2 have been designed for both stereo bookshelf speakers for people who want good small stereo speakers or surround speakers in a home theatre system. The have 1 x 130mm woofer and 1 horn loaded tweeter. They are fitted with Bi –Wire terminals. The speakers are ported to give good bass response and also come with Accusound Slim fit wall brackets for mounting on the wall.Finished in Piano black.

Powered Subwoofer.

The Accusound HD Series 2 Digital subwoofer is a masterpiece in design and sound. This subwoofer is 300 watts of real power. The frequency response is 20Hz -200Hz and the sub is fitted with a 250mm long throw front firing woofer and a 250mm down firing passive radiator. The amplifier has one input and 1 output to connect a second subwoofer to the system. The subwoofer controls are volume,  0-180 phase,crossover from 40-200 Hz and a auto/on switch. This subwoofer is also fitted with 1 watt standby. When you turn your system off at night the subwoofer goes into standby and saves money on electricity.

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